Programs & Initiatives.

Child Care & Support Programs

ICM is a registered faith base organization. We improve the safety and protection of children; the purpose is to provide adult care and supervision and ensure access to social services and psychosocial support. Through our programs we build into our kids a strong feeling of self-importance, restoring their sense of dignity and pride in themselves. We want them to forget that they were ever poor.

Feeding Program

The link between nutrition and learning is well documented, healthy eating patterns are essential for students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being. The InnerCity Mission for Children runs an impactful After School Feeding Program – we provide our children nutritious homemade meal every day and in some cases we do provide a take-home dinner.

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Child Development Programs

This is our core program and it addresses the survival, mental, physical, emotional and psychosocial development of the indigent child; through this program, we assist the children with their home works and also organizes Saturdays extra murals activities. This have helped improve their performance and provide them with the necessary, innovative and educative tools

The Back to School Initiative

This is an initiative designed to help the indigent child get an education with peace of mind and confidence; we have children who cannot afford to go to School, some are in school but lack basic necessities such as shoes, bags, textbooks etc. others dropped out because they just lacked the necessary funds. Through this initiative we provide “back-to-school” kits that include notebooks, school uniforms, bags, shoes, stationary, raincoat, winter clothes, etc.

Child Mentoring Program

The ICM Child Mentoring Program is aimed at giving care and attention to children through teaching, mentoring, training, coaching, tutoring and counseling. It serves as a platform for the transformation of indigent children because mentoring a child will help the child to develop essential skills that will help them realize their potentials and dreams. Mentorship is a platform for raising great kids.

Orphanage Support Program

According to UNICEF reports, it is estimated there are between 143 million – 210 million orphans worldwide. Some are fortunate enough to find placement in orphanages but many of these orphanages and related institutions are over-populated and struggle to meet the individual needs of these children thus making them vulnerable. To ensure their safety, the ICM4C adopts orphanages and commit to the regular provision of essential food supplies; we also sponsor special projects as the need arises.

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Family Support Program

Our Family Strengthening/ support Programs are aimed at strengthening poor families so they can provide for and cater to the needs of their children. Poverty is a common experience with families who do not have a steady source of income or earn an income that is below the poverty line. Hunger drives these children to the streets in a desperate bid for survival thereby exposing them to grave danger and an uncertain future; the Family Support Program is a welfare program designed to help poor families in a bid to prevent their children from being forced to life on the street. For a stipulated period of time, we provide food for these families and we provide specialized training programs designed to empower the families for economic security.

Family Adoption Scheme

Poverty is a common experience with families who live in the inner cities; weakened by poverty, these parents simply cannot support or look after their children. These children are therefore at risk of being abandoned, neglected and/or abused. To keep the children protected, we must support the family through the Family Adoption Scheme by providing them with basic necessities such as food, shelter, and free education combined with specialized training for economic empowerment – all for a stipulated period of time.

The ICM4C Home

A child’s development is best achieved in a family environment and the ICM4C Home provides family-style, residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children, it is a haven for children who hitherto were living in extremely difficult circumstances. Growing children need food and shelter and clothing, but they also need loving relationships and interaction in order to thrive and develop and learn. We provide individualized care to every child in our home to ensure their mental, emotional and social development.


Most people splurge on their kids at Christmas time, but sadly many poor families especially children are barely remembered. Christmas is our time to celebrate the forgotten children in the inner cities; it is a time to Send Portions to needy and desolate children adding color to their lives. We make certain that the Word of God in Nehemiah 8:10b is made real as we celebrate with children living in the inner cities; bringing them a feast of food, drinks, gifts, God’s word and P-A-R-T-Y. Is a day the community always look forward to.

Children’s Fiestas

MThe Children’s Fiesta is a fun-day specially designed to bring a splash of color into the life of the indigent child – the fiestas are planned to coincide with special dates such as Easter, Children’s Day etc when children would normally be the center of attention. It is a program specially designed to bring joy and laughter making them the center of attraction for once in their lives; by this children get to experience the love of God in a most practical way.

The InnerCity Mission Play & Learn Initiative

This initiative incorporates activities such as Competitive Sports, Creative Arts, Arts & Craft, Public Speaking, By shifting perspective beyond traditional academics, we open up a world with endless possibilities for the children we reach to transform their own lives, tap into their creativity, use their imagination, express themselves positively, and most importantly promote collaboration with their peers. This gives the indigent child the opportunity to create, to dream, and to hope.

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